Our Nursery

We have been operating for 25 years and grow between 150 000 – 200 000 seedlings per year.

The DIFFERENCE in our nursery is:

  • As a Not-For-Profit organisation & Registered Charity, we only care for our environment & community, not our back pockets
  • We only grow to nursery capacity, so our orders are our main priority and clients get a more specialised service to ensure great outcomes for their projects, especially with difficult to grow species and provenance stock
  • We use our specially developed, superior soil mix including mycorrhizal fungi, encouraging biological relationships in the soil for real revegetation outcomes.
  • Our plants are ‘hardened’ off for months before they leave the nursery, so they are stronger and have much higher survival rates.
  • We are a NIASA certified nursery and have ecoHort certification
  • We have been revegetating landscapes for 25 years and we know what our clients require when it comes to seedlings. Right plants, on time, for the right price.