Volunteer Engagement

Together we can make a difference

Please come and visit us at our nursery!

Becoming a volunteer is simple-arrange a time with us to come and have a stroll and chat through the nursery to get acquainted, then an induction (approx. 2 hrs), a little bit of training and then the hours, days and duties are up to you! You will be happy knowing that every weed you pull out, or every plant you put in a pot, is going towards helping green the planet and creating sustainable landscapes.

Call (08) 95273142

Email: nursery@npwa.org.au

Our volunteers are all different shapes, sizes and ages – from 5-105 and from the Arctic to Antarctica..! Well, almost….

We welcome everyone. This is how we achieve our mission:

‘To bring people together to grow and plant trees and to achieve healthy, productive, sustainable landscapes.’

In 2017 we grew 124, 670 seedlings in our nursery – all cared for throughout the year by our wonderful volunteers.

Volunteer Numbers 2017: 98

Volunteer Hours 2017: 15, 134


Summer: Pricking out of seedlings into Forrestry tubes.

Autumn: Demossing, weeding, sorting and grading in the nursery. Assembling orders for the winter reveg sites.

Winter: Weeding, demossing, help with plantings and planting sites.

Spring: Seed collecting, help with open days & fetes/stalls, propagation by cuttings, spring cleaning.

Volunteer Schedule

Corporate Planting Days

Please see calender of events coming soon.

For information on corporate plantings days and the 2018 Planet Ark National Tree Day please contact nursery@npwa.org.au

Enquiries & Bookings

To get in touch phone on (08) 9527 3142, or send us an enquiry.