1. The name of the Association shall be:




  1. The Vision of NATIVES WA:


A world in which all people recognise the value of trees


  • The Mission of NATIVES WA:


To bring people together to grow and plant trees and to achieve healthy, productive, sustainable communities and landscapes.

  1. Objects and Purposes of the Association:


  • Directed by a vision of a world in which all people recognise the value of trees;


  • For every member of NATIVES WA Inc. to contribute to the planting and aftercare of trees and understorey;


  • Provide a service to our membership by which they can become directly involved in seed collecting, seedling propagation, planting and planting aftercare;


  • Share relevant information with as wide a cross section of society as possible;


  • Facilitate activities that support environmental, social and economic resilience for all sectors of society;


  • Do all other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aims and objects of the Association;


  • Subscribe to, become a member of, and co-operate in working arrangements with, any other association or organisation whose aims are altogether or in part similar to those of the Association.





  1. Terms used


In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears:


Act means the Associations Incorporation Act 2015;


Associate member means a member with the rights referred to in rule Association means the incorporated association to which these rules


books, of the Association, includes the following:

  • a register of members;
  • a minute book, a folder either hard or soft copy containing a copy of reviewed signed minutes

of the Association’s meetings.

  • financial records, financial statements or financial reports, however compiled, recorded or stored;
  • a document relating to the affairs of the Association;
  • any other record of information;

by laws means by-laws made by the Association under rule 68;

Chairperson means the Committee member holding office as the Chairperson of the Association;

Commissioner means the person for the time being designated as the Commissioner under section 153 of the Act;

Committee means the management Committee of the Association;

Committee meeting means a meeting of the Committee;

Committee member means a member of the Committee;

financial records include:

  • invoices, receipts, orders for the payment of money, bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes and vouchers; and
  • documents of prime entry; and
  • working papers and other documents needed to explain:
    • the methods by which financial statements are prepared; and
    • adjustments to be made in preparing financial statements;


financial report, of a tier 2 association or a tier 3 association, has the meaning given in section 63 of the Act;


financial statements mean the financial statements in relation to the Association required under Part 5 Division 3 of the Act;


financial year, of the Association, has the meaning given in rule 2;


general meeting, of the Association, means a meeting of the Association that all members are entitled to receive notice of and to attend;


industrial instrument, refers to an instrument that has legal application with respect to minimum entitlements to those employees covered within its scope.

member means a person (including a body corporate) who is an ordinary member or an associate member of the Association;


ordinary Committee member means a Committee member who is not an office holder of the Association under rule 32(2);


ordinary member means a member with the rights referred to in rule 9(3);


register of members means the register of members referred to in section 53 of the Act;


rules mean these rules of the Association, as in force for the time being;


secretary means the Committee member holding office as the secretary of the Association;


special general meeting means a general meeting of the Association other than the annual general meeting;


special resolution means a resolution passed by the members at a general meeting in accordance with section 51 of the Act;


subcommittee means a subcommittee appointed by the Committee under rule 54(2);


tier 1 association means an incorporated association to which section 64(1) of the Act applies; tier 2 association means an incorporated association to which section 64(2) of the Act applies; tier 3 association means an incorporated association to which section 64(3) of the Act applies; treasurer means the Committee member holding office as the treasurer of the Association.


2.       Financial year


  • The first financial year of the Association is to be the period notified to the Commissioner under section 7(4)(e) or, if relevant, section 29(5)(e) of the
  • Each subsequent financial year of the Association is the period of 12 months commencing at the termination of the first financial year or the anniversary of that termination, being September




  1. Not-for-profit body


  • The property and income of the Association must be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects or purposes of the Association and no part of that property or income may be paid or otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to any member, except in good faith in the promotion of those objects or purposes in accordance with Association policy and procedures.
  • A payment may be made to a member out of the funds of the Association only if it is authorised under subrule (3).
  • A payment to a member out of the funds of the Association is authorised if it is:
  • the payment in good faith to the member as reasonable remuneration for any services provided to the Association, or for goods supplied to the Association, in the ordinary course of business; or
  • the payment of interest, on money borrowed by the Association from the member, at a rate not greater than the cash rate published from time to time by the Reserve Bank of Australia; or
  • the payment of reasonable rent to the member for premises leased by the member to the Association; or
  • the reimbursement of reasonable expenses properly incurred by the member on behalf of the


4.       POWERS



The Association has the power to do all such lawful things as are necessary, incidental or conducive, and with due diligence, to the attainment of the aims and objects of the Association. Such powers include:

  1. the leasing of property for any purpose deemed proper by the Committee and consistent with the objects and purposes of the Association. Any lease negotiated shall be supported by a properly prepared lease
  2. acquiring by purchase, lease, exchange or otherwise land, buildings and hereditaments of any tenure or description wherever situated and any estate or interest therein and all rights over or connected therein deemed proper by the Committee and consistent with the objects and purposes of the
  3. selling, improving, managing, letting, disposing of or turning to account all or any part of the real or personal property of the Association.
  4. the borrowing and raising of monies by means of mortgage or other loan for any purpose deemed proper by the Committee and consistent with of the Association, at a commercial interest rate prevailing at the time, and under terms which are not onerous to the Association and are within the Association’s reasonable limits of repayment with the exception that the objects and purposes.
  5. the investing of funds in any security in which trust moneys may be invested.
  6. entering into any arrangements with any government or authority, whether federal, state or local or otherwise that may seem conducive to any of the objects of the Association, and to apply for and obtain from any such government or authority any grants, rights, privileges or concessions which the Association may think it desirable to obtain and carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.
  7. negotiating with any person or company to secure grants, donations, sponsorship moneys or services in kind, as contributions to the Association’s operations or one or more of its projects, or in exchange for advertising or promotion of that person’s or company’s products and services for the duration of any event held by the Association or on its behalf.
  8. appointing, employing or removing or suspending such secretaries, managers, clerks, servants, consultants or other persons on such terms as necessary or convenient, and in line with the appropriate Industrial Instruments.